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Tree Removal Evansville IN
Tree Removal Evansville IN
Tree Removal Evansville IN

Professional Tree Service Evansville IN

Trees add to the aesthetic of your home while providing shade and improving the air quality. At times, they may also be problematic, damaging the gutters on your roof or becoming an obstacle in your yard. Whatever the tree troubles or maintenance may be, Evansville Tree Co is at your beck and call. 

Being a full-service tree company in Evansville, we have an impressive rapport with the local residents, offering solutions like trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, pruning, and much more. 

From grooming healthy trees to removing the problematic ones, we take on every project with the same zeal and dedication. You can count on us to get the job done in time and in the best possible manner. 

When you hire us for your Evansville tree service, you don’t have to worry about the height of the tree or any other hindrance since we’ve got each equipment and tool needed for the job. Give us a call, and we’ll be there to take care of all your tree-related needs.

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm

Stump Grinding

If you’ve had a tree cut down but the stump is remaining, consider having it professionally removed. Stumps decrease the aesthetic appeal of a property and removal is best left to the professionals.

Tree Removal

If you have a tree on your property that is sick, infested with pests, or dangerously located, we have the tools and equipment necessary to remove it safely.

Tree Care

Tree trimming and maintenance is important to keep your trees healthy and looking their best! The health and lifespan of your trees depends on consistent maintenance.

Services We Offer

At Evansville Tree Co, we offer a range of tree solutions, from grinding and maintenance to trimming and removal. We’ve worked with hundreds of trees in our time in the industry, so nothing is new for us anymore. All you have to do is tell us your concern and leave the rest to us. 

Our tree removal Evansville IN service is what brought us into the limelight. We’re immensely skilled in the craft, and that’s the reason our customers recommend us to their neighbors too. 

While some homeowners opt for tree removal Evansville IN because the tree is obstructing their view or sunlight, others want to get rid of the dying or dead tree in their yard. DIY Evansville tree removal is extremely risky because you’re not merely putting your life in danger but also risking the integrity and appearance of your property. 

Therefore, it’s imperative to let professionals handle the tree removal process, whether it’s a small shrub or an old tree. In any case, we’re just a call away.

Here are the steps involved in our tree removal Evansville process: 

  • Examination: We start all our services with an examination of the area. Our team will inspect the size, height, and spread of the tree to ensure that we’re at your place with the right equipment on the removal day. 
  • Clearing the Area: Before we remove the tree, we clear the surrounding area since the tree is going to lay flat after removal. 
  • Removal: We’re sparing you the details of the tree removal because it’s for our arborists to handle while you rest, knowing that experts are taking care of the project. As for safety, our arborists wear protective equipment to minimize the risk of injury. 
  • Cleanup: We deem it unprofessional to leave our mess behind. That’s why we make your yard spotlessly clean before leaving the premises. 

If you want to learn about our tree service Evansville Indiana or schedule an appointment with an arborist, get in touch with us through call or email.

Tree trimming beautifies your property, ensuring the wellbeing of trees that surround your yard, front lawn, or garden. If trees are not regularly trimmed, they grow unbalanced. Misshapen trees are not only unattractive but may also pose a hazard, like damaging the roof or gutters. 

Think of trimming like a haircut. You need one almost every few months, so why not get it for your trees too? At Evansville Tree Co, we beautify and maintain trees like no one else. By removing the unwieldy branches and thinning limbs, we give your trees an exquisite appearance. 

Apart from beautification and aesthetics, tree trimming is also essential for maintaining the landscape. If your trees grow haywire, they can restrict airflow and sun exposure. By trimming the trees on your property, we ensure that your home gets sufficient sunlight, rain, and air. 

Tree Removal Evansville IN
Tree Removal Evansville IN

Our tree trimming Evansville IN process has been perfected by our arborists over the years. 

  • Examination: Initially, we examine the current state of your trees, determining the extent of work needed to bring the trees back to their perfect shape. 
  • ANSI A300 Compliance: We comply with the American National Standards Institute standards for trimming and pruning trees. In doing so, we use particular trimming techniques and equipment that will provide the best results. 
  • Tree Health: Our arborists always keep the tree health in consideration when trimming or pruning. To ensure that, we remove dying or rotten branches while cutting away the infected parts of the tree. With all this burden gone, your tree can grow healthily. 
  • Post-Storm Trimming: We also specialize in tree trimming following a storm since natural elements can leave even the most beautiful trees in an unappealing state. 

If you feel that your trees need some pampering, get in touch with us today.

Other than trimming, you can also avail our tree service Evansville Indiana for maintaining the greenery in your home. Tree care and maintenance are extremely important to support botanical growth while enhancing your property’s aesthetics. 

Here are the tree care and maintenance services we offer. 


Mulching refers to the application of plastic sheeting, straw, or compost to cover the area around the trees. It prevents excessive erosion while limiting evaporation so that more water is available for the tree to use. 

Plus, compost mulching enriches the soil, providing nutrients to the trees for growth. The National Arbor Day Foundation also claims that mulching offers insulation, protecting the trees from extreme dryness by ensuring water retention. 

The amount of mulch required for your tree will depend on different factors that our arborists will efficiently take care of. During the first visit, they’ll examine the area and determine how much mulch is needed to cover the region around the tree. 

Soil Testing 

While pests are definitely hazardous to trees, they’re not the only possible culprit for your trees’ poor growth. The soil might be the reason too. It’s particularly important to test the soil if you’ve replanted a tree. 

Through soil testing, we determine the minerals present in your soil while checking the soil pH. Knowing this information is crucial for your trees to thrive. Our arborists don’t only eliminate the problem but also give you tips for future concerns. 

Let’s clear something here. While DIY soil testing apparatus might help you learn a few things about the soil, it will not give you a detailed account of all soil elements. For that, you can comfortably rely on our expertise and equipment. 

Tree Removal Evansville IN

Winter Tree Care

The colder weather can be harsh for the trees you’ve just planted. Thus, they require more care than the older trees in your home. Here’s how we prepare your trees for the winter. 

  • Fresh Mulch: In the fall season, we add a mulch layer around the trees to provide insulation to the roots underneath. Doing this prevents freezing in the winter months, allowing the trees to keep getting nutrition from the roots. 
  • De-Icing: Our experience has shown us that magnesium chloride salts are more effective and less harsh on the tree roots for de-icing. Our arborists use just the right amount of de-icing products to ensure that the ice melts without restricting the roots’ ability to absorb nutrients and water from the soil. 

Pruning: Since most trees are dormant during winter, it’s the right time to prune them. Our arborists give your trees some healthy pruning to improve their appearance while preparing them for impressive growth in the spring season.

Homeowners often overlook the importance of stump grinding, facing problems in the yards later on. Tree stump removal Evansville IN turns that one random tree stump in your garden into fresh mulch. We use appropriately-sized stump grinders operated by trained professionals to get the best results at minimal risk. 

Here’s how our process goes: 

  • Stump Examination: During this step, we examine the size and the diameter of the stump. While all stumps might look the same to you, we know the work needed for each stump is different. We measure the root growth underneath the stump while checking the wood density to determine the most appropriate way to gauge it out of the ground. 
  • Grinder Selection: Again, not every grinder is the same, and no one knows it better than us. Depending on the depth and the size of the stump, we choose the right grinder for the job. From hand-manipulated grinders to two-behind machines, we have a fleet of grinders to give our customers the best options. 
  • Grinding: Once we’ve selected the grinder, our trained arborist will operate it, grinding the stump professionally. Since the wood density differs in different regions of the stump, our professionals have to be vigilant during the process. To ensure the utmost safety, our team always wears eye protection and heavy clothing. 
  • Disposal: Although our grinders are equipped with hoses to capture the wood chips, some of them escape from the grinder’s bottom, flying in all directions. However, that’s the least of your concerns because we take charge of the cleanup too. Before leaving, we make sure that your yard looks just the way it did earlier – minus the stump. 

Benefits of Stump Grinding 

When homeowners come to us for consultations, we always recommend stump grinding since it comes with a ton of benefits. 

First and foremost, stump grinding improves your landscape’s appearance. A random stump in the middle of nowhere can be an eyesore. Therefore, removing it from your home’s exterior freshens up the look of your property. 

Furthermore, stump grinding frees up space in your patio or garden that can be used now for setting up a barbecue grill or starting a kitchen garden. Most importantly, stump grinding prevents accidents as tree stumps are lawnmower and tripping hazards for kids and adults alike. 

With the stump gone, you won’t have to maneuver around the area when mowing your lawn. Old rotting stumps also attract pests and mold that may spread to the rest of the garden, killing your plants. Needless to say, stump grinding is a necessity. Good Riddance! 

If you don’t want to stub your toe while walking in your yard, give us a call today, and we’ll be delighted to offer our tree stump removal Evansville IN services.

Our Guarantee

At Evansville Tree Co, we take the needs of our clients seriously. We are devoted to providing quality tree care and removal services to all local residents. Our Tree removal service Evansville IN team is committed to making the process of tree care and removal as easy as possible while engaging you every step of the way.

To understand your tree needs, we usually schedule an onsite consultation with our certified arborists. That way, we’re able to understand your tree needs and come up with a lasting solution. Whether you’re searching for tree planting, pruning, trimming, cabling removal or stump grinding services, trust our team to do a splendid job. With many years of experience in tree services, we are well-positioned to meet your needs.

We pride ourselves on being a full-service tree company based in Evansville, IN. Whatever your tree needs are, you can rely on us to take care of them. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

Tree Removal Evansville IN

Why Choose Us?

Easy! We have many years of experience and knowledge to provide the best tree service solutions. Additionally, we put safety first! To guarantee that all our technicians are safe, our tree service Evansville Indiana team asks every member of our team to wear protective equipment and gear that includes shoes, gloves, gloves, protective eyewear, ropes, ladders, harnesses, etc.

In addition to extensive safety measures, everyone on our team undergoes ongoing training and stays up to date with our equipment and tools. Ultimately, our goal is to leave your property better than we found it and to satisfy your expectations. Have any tree issues? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Tree Removal Evansville IN
Tree Removal Evansville IN

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Tree Removal Evansville IN